For Educators: Women of the Congressional Black Caucus

Activity 3: Advocacy/Action: What can you do to help?

Student Action/Leadership

Encourage students to raise awareness of their concerns about healthcare issues in their community or school by planning a school-wide "National Awareness Month" in their school. Students can use this event to engage their classmates in discussions, debates, volunteering for, and inviting community leaders to speak about community needs and actions for improving healthcare for all citizens. To organize their event, the students can use the program- planning checklist to plan and implement their health awareness month activities.

To begin, lead the students in a discussion to select a theme for their program: Nutrition and Diet, Fitness and Wellness, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cancer. The students may consider the following activities:

• Involve their classmates in a Poster Contest
• Sponsor a Spoken Word Contest about justice and equity
• Visit websites like Avoice or First Lady Obama's "Let's Move" Program to gather ideas for a National Awareness Program
• Produce a theatrical program about the importance of good health

Don't forget to share with the women of the Congressional Black Caucus what you are doing to support their efforts to improve healthcare in your community.

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