This Month in CBC History: "A Report to the Nation"

Often hailed as the conscience of the Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus has remained a pillar for minorities across the United States. The Origins of the CBC exhibit walks us through the beginnings of this phenomenal group that has changed the course of legislative history. On June 3, 1971 Representative Charles C. Diggs, Jr. (D-MI) presented to the house the CBC's formal response to President Nixon post State of the Union address. Their response, entitled, "A Report to the Nation," directly addressed the status of black America. This momentous occasion, was only the beginning of blacks in Congress advocating for acknowledgment and sponsoring progressive legislation that benefited the underrepresented population. Shortly after this address, the Congressional Black Caucus embarked on a campaign that allowed members to engage constituents on a new level! Take a moment to browse our exhibit on the Origins of the Congressional Black Caucus and learn more about the role that they played in crafting legislative history.

Avoice Spotlights: Share My Lesson

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Share My Lesson has a significant resource bank for Common Core State Standards, covering all aspects of the standards, from advice and guides to help with dedicated resources that support the standards. Developed by the American Federation of Teachers and TES Connect, the largest network of teachers in the world, the Share My Lesson team has highlighted some free lesson plans, worksheets and activities to help teachers celebrate African-American History Month in their classrooms. To view some of these excellent resources, click here.

Avoice is proud to highlight the work of the tremendous organization and we encourage our users to visit their website today. To learn more about Share My Lesson please visit

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