For Educators: Anti-Apartheid Movement



The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) played a major role in the dismantling of the apartheid system in South Africa. Representative Ronald V. Dellums (D-CA) introduced the CBC's first bill concerning apartheid in 1972. Over the next 14 years, CBC members sponsored more than 15 bills concerning apartheid. Members urged the United States government to withdraw financial support from the South African government. The CBC also encouraged American universities and corporations to divest from doing business with South Africa.

Through the use of documents and images provided on the website as well as suggested activities and readings, students will explore the apartheid government in South Africa and African Americans' response to U.S. Foreign Policies through the legislative actions of the CBC.

Grade Level: 8-12

Essential Question: Using economic sanctions, how effective is the United States government's influence in changing the practices of foreign governments that violate the human rights of its citizens?

Learning Objectives

Using documents, images, and articles from the Avoice Web site, students will:

Learn about the system of apartheid as it was practiced in South Africa;
Gain an understanding of the world view of such governmental practices and actions taken to change them; and
Increase their knowledge and understanding of the Congressional Black Caucus’ role in influencing United States foreign policies.
National Learning Standards

World History

Era 9: The 20th Century Since 1945: Promises and Paradoxes

Standard 2C: The student understands how liberal democracy, market economies, and human rights movements have reshaped political and social life.

Explain the dismantling of the apartheid system in South Africa and the winning of political rights by the black majority.

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Documents, Resources and Worksheets Used in Anti-Apartheid Movement Lesson Unit

Activity 1: What is Apartheid?

Activity 2: Where is South Africa?

Activity 3: King and Mandela: Leaders in the Struggle and Resistance to Racial Discrimination

Activity 4: Galvanizing Public Support against Apartheid in South Africa: Economic Sanctions and the Congressional Black Caucus

Activity 5: Sanctions against South Africa

Activity 6: The End of Apartheid

Current world news newspapers, magazines, or journals

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