For Educators: Anti-Apartheid Movement

Activity 6: The End of Apartheid


Documents Needed:

Current world news newspapers, magazines, or journals

Materials Needed:

Computers with Internet access

Discussion Questions and Research:
To determine if the end of apartheid proved to be beneficial for the people of South Africa, explore with the students current events about daily life in this post-apartheid society. What are the visions of the country’s leadership? How stable is the economy? If it is strong, who is benefiting from it? Did the health and housing issues improve for most people? Do black children have greater access to education? How is apartheid's effect still being felt today in South Africa?

To answer these questions and more, ask the students to read their local newspapers and online newspapers like the:

Sunday Times, national newspaper published in Johannesburg, a Web-based magazine
Cape Argus, Cape Town afternoon paper

Based on their research, encourage the students to present evidence to support their opinion on whether ending apartheid was good or not good for the country and global relations.

Extended Activity

Discussion Question:
What countries does the United States government currently maintain economic sanctions against (Iran, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Burma, Angola, etc.)? To respond to this question, encourage the students to visit the library or search the Internet to find the rules and effect of sanctions on these countries. For information, go to the Office of Foreign Assets, Department of the Treasury and Amnesty International's Human Rights websites.

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