For Educators: Anti-Apartheid Movement

Activity 5: Sanctions against South Africa


Documents Needed:

Materials Needed:


Divide students into smaller groups. Give each group one of the documents and a worksheet. Allow the students time to read and record what they learn about the document and the information it provides.

Debate and Persuasive Writing:
Ask the students to prepare an opinion editorial (op-ed) expressing their views on economic sanctions. Explain to the students that American citizens disagreed on the morality and effectiveness of economic sanctions against South Africa’s apartheid government. Based on what they learned from the documents, ask the students to consider what bans and/or sanctions could cause concern and why? (i.e. investment firms, banks, manufacturing companies, etc.).

Extended Activity: Design a Flyer Seeking Support for Sanctions

For those students interested in current political issues about international sanctions, have them create a flyer seeking support to impose sanctions. Encourage them to incorporate images and drawings to illustrate their demands. Invite the students to present their flyer to the class and create a classroom display of the flyers.

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