For Educators: Anti-Apartheid Movement

Activity 4: Galvanizing Public Support against Apartheid in South Africa: Economic Sanctions and the Congressional Black Caucus


Documents Needed:

Materials Needed:

Easel pad paper and markers
Computer with Internet access

Print out the Avoice Virtual Library Anti-Apartheid Legislation page and provide a copy of the web page and the other documents for each student. Allow the students time to review the copies. To focus their study of the documents, share with them a copy of the Photograph and Document Analysis Worksheets (pdf) from the National Archives.

After the students have reviewed the documents, lead them in a whole class discussion about bans and conditions discussed in the resolution and Mr. Gray’s speech before the House of Representatives. Ask the students the following questions:

Do you think that proposing sanctions against South Africa was a necessary next step to end racial discrimination?
Would you support economic sanctioning against other countries that practice violation of its citizens’ human rights? Why?

Assign a student to record remarks on easel pad sheets to be posted in the classroom.

Creative Writing:
Return the students' attention to the images. Ask them to review the images again, but for this exercise have them to write a short story about what is happening in one of the images. Encourage the students to incorporate facts learned during classroom discussions.

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